AAM Foundation is a secular, non-governmental organization registered under the appropriate regulatory acts. It was set up in 1999 to provide under-privileged children with supplemental nutrition, medication and education --giving them a chance to learn, grow and live with health, dignity and opportunity. AAMF has been working in the urban slums of Delhi and NCR. Our activities include Non-formal Education (NFE), Free English Class (FEC) and meals for the severely undernourished.  

Free English Class (FEC): We believe that fluency in English greatly expands a worker’s self confidence, career options and income potential.

Our FEC is computer based and allows each student to proceed at their own pace. We use world class software, so the student receives a high quality experience. The classes are interactive and retain the attention of the student.

Our English classes are always completely free of cost and open to all, irrespective of age and gender.

Non Formal Education (NFE): The objective of this programme is to empower children with basic reading writing skills. The Foundation currently runs 38 different NFE Centers in different slums and villages of Delhi and NCR. Our programme includes education, health and nutrition. We provide education to the school drop-outs and non-school going children and encourage/facilitate them to join formal schools. Everyday, a basic meal is provided to the children to supplement their nutrition needs. We also organize free health check-up camps conducted by a qualified and experienced doctor for these children every month.

Food Project: During our visits to the slums, we observed that the elderly persons are more often neglected. In these areas, the parents go to their work leaving their children with the elders who are unable to take care of themselves. Therefore, AAMF has decided to provide a mid-day meal to these vulnerable people every day. Our mid-day meal includes rice, dal and fresh vegetables.